Types of Hiking Shoes Available for You

You have a dizzying array of choices for hiking shoes. You have a vast no. of choices from ultra-light boots to mountaineering boots. Choosing the right hiking boots is a hard process. Your dream hiking boots need to sync with how and where you hike. Before you tie the knot, you also have to be sure that they’re a perfect fit.

  1. Full grain leather shoes. Full grain leather shoes offer excellent durability and abrasion resistance. It's most commonly used in backpacking boots built for extended trips, heavy loads and rugged terrain.

  2. Split-grain leather. Split- grain leather is usually paired with nylon or nylon mesh to create a lightweight boot that offers excellent breathability. Split-grain leather “splits away” the rougher inner part of the cowhide from the smooth exterior. Along with all these features, you can buy this shoes at a very low cost. However, it has the drawback of less resistance to water and abrasion.

  3. Nubuck leather. Nubuck leather is full-grain leather that has been buffed to resemble suede. It is very durable and resists water and abrasion. It’s also fairly flexible, yet it too requires ample time to break in before an extended hike.

  4. Polyester, nylon and so-called "synthetic leather" are all commonly found boots. They are lighter than leather, break in more quickly, dry faster and usually cost less. They may show wear and tear sooner due to more stitching on the outside of the boot.

  5. Waterproof membranes. Boots and shoes billed as “waterproof” features uppers constructed with waterproof/ breathable membranes to keep feet dry in wet conditions.

  6. Vegan-friendly hiking boots and shoes are made without any animal ingredient or byproducts.

  7. Synthetic insulation is added to some mountaineering boots for warmth when hiking on snow and glaciers.

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If you love adventurous expeditions, then you have a vast variety of comfort available for your legs and feet. Just select the right pair for you and enjoy your trip.


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